Dec 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update!

Sorry there was no update in November - too busy!

Added over 50 additional magic book table of contents listings:

Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 3
Annemann, Ted: Annemann's $50 Manuscript
Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Controls Part 2 - Blocking Off
Ganson, Lewis: Mini-Slate Magic
Ganson, Lewis: Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket
Ganson, Lewis: The Dai Vernon Cups and Balls
Ganson, Lewis: The Mystery of Magic
Ganthony, Robert: Bunkum Entertainments
Garcia, Frank: Don't Bet On It - Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte
Garcia, Frank: MacDonald's $100 Four Ace Trick
Garcia, Frank: Real Secrets of the Three Ball Routines
Garcia, Frank: Tells It All in a Nutshell
Garrett, Dan: Forward Into the Past
Geer, Brian: Magical Memories
George, Harry: Harry George Versus Magic
Gerard, Andrew: Street Cents
Gibson, Walter: Complete Illustrated Book of Close-Up Magic
Gibson, Walter: Hypnotism
Gibson, Walter: Junior Magic
Gilbert, A.C.: Gilbert's Table Magic
Gilbreath, Norman: Beyond Imagination
Ginn, David: Almost Unpublished
Ginn, David: Laughter Legacy
Ginn, David: Promoting Me...and You
Gloye, Eugene: Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups
Goldstein, Phil: Isolation
Goldstein, Phil: Next
Goldstein, Phil: OCMC Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Redivider
Goldstein, Phil: September in Seattle
Goldstein, Phil: Thabbatical
Goldstein, Phil: Verbal Control
Goldston, Will: Effective Modern Tricks
Goodrum, John: Now You See It...
Gordon, John: Still Disappearing Nightly!
Goswick, Tim: Lost Lecture Notes
Goswick, Tim: Meng
Goswick, Tim: Victor
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: Blueprint Volume 4
Grant & Smith: Flap Slate Wrinkles
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets
Grant, U.F.: 50 Crazy Card Stunts
Grant, U.F.: Brain Busters
Grant, U.F.: Encyclopedia of UF Grant Magic Part 1
Grant, U.F.: Smooth as Silk
Gravatt, Glenn: 50 More Modern Card Tricks
Grubb, Millard: Magician's Promotional Toolkit
Guimarães, Helder: Reflections
Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's Card Magic!
Guinn, Scott: Never Miss a Trick
Guyatt, Terry: An Evening With...
Sellers, Tom: 21 New Card Tricks
Stelzel, Christian (Magic Christian): The Top Change

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