February 28 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Added 36 new magic book table of contents listings (and update the listings of 6 other books)

Aldo Colombini: React (updated with descriptions)
Alexander, the Magician: The Magic Show Book
Allen, Alexander: Shared Secrets of Card Magic
Andruzzi, Tony: The Grimoire of the Mages
Annemann, Theodore: Jinx Program No. 5 "No Code" Telepathy
Arce, Greg: Four Thought
Baumann, Fred & Janet Traynor: A Magical Duet
Becker, Larry: More Mentalism for Magicians, a Lecture
Behnke, Leo: Entertaining Close Up (updated)
Berg, Harvey: Sleight of Mind
Biro, Pete: Comedy Magic Lecture!
Bjorklund, H.C.: Fun for All!
Branson, Major LH: Indian Conjuring (updated)
Canning, Doug: Canning's Card Capers
Chavel (compiler): Reelistic Magic
Cheng, Danny & Jeremiah Zuo (editor): Coin Monster
Clark, Tony: Unmasks Award-Winning Dove Techniques
Clifton, John Lee: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (updated to revised edition)
Collins, A Frederick: The Boy Chemist
Colombini, Aldo: First Impressions
Congreave, Chris: Curiouser & Curiouser
Cox, Robert: Magic From the Front Line
Crandall, Clarke "The Senator": MGA Lecture Notes 1952
Cristall, Leslie: My 25 Years of Magic
Cummings, Walter: Billiard Balls
Dalal, Sam: 42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts with Rope
Dalal, Sam: Cabaret Capers
Dalal, Sam: Magic With an ESP Deck (updated with descriptions)
Dalal, Sam: Sound Mentalism
Darci, Steve: Magic Secrets
Daryl: 4F XII
Das, B.: Levitation Secrets
Das, B.: Sawing Illusion Secrets
De Courcy, Ken: Sleightly Easier
De Courcy, Ken: World's Fastest Card Trick
DeBarros, Jules: Techniques and Principles of Sleight of Hand Vol. 1
DeCourcy, Ken: A Case for Cards
DeCourcy, Ken: Patently Obscure
DeCourcy, Ken: Rink Goes Loop La-La
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles
Ganson, Lewis: Reelistic Magic (updated)
McCabe, Pete: Scripting Magic (updated)

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