Hey, a 2nd Magic Book Table of Contents Update for Jan 2022!

Finally I was able to get to a larger update - 101 Magic Book table of content listings added:

Alan, Don & T.A. Whitney (editor): Don Alan's Bowl Routine (Revised)
Allen, Ken: Pilfered Patter No. 1
Andrews, Val: Club Comedy
Andrews, Val: How to Give a Magic Lecture
Andrews, Val: Impromptu Show
Andrews, Val: Once Hung a Gilded Lamp
Andrews, Val: Patter Supreme
Andrews, Val: The Magical Clown
Andruzzi, Tony: Negromicon of Masklyn Ye Mage
Astor, Victor Jamnitzky: Top Secrets, Sealed Miracles No. 4
Beam, Steve: The Underhand Shuffle
Beckwith, Tobias: Beyond Deception
Beckwith, Tobias: Beyond Deception Volume 2
Behr, Denis: Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 3
Bender, Steven: Sixteen of My Current Favorites
Bengel, Robert: Corporate Ways And Means
Berg, Joe, Al Aldini: Rough Stuff (added revised edition ToC)
Biro, Pete: Lecture No. 2 Pete Biro Tries Again!
Black Aretefacts: Enter The Devil
Bowman, Robert P.: The Magic Counselor
Brown, Bob: The Entertainmentalist
Burger, Eugene: Teaching Magic
Carter, Christopher: Jake Spade and Other Strange Stories
Friedman, Jonathan: The Magic of Jonathan Friedman - The Musical
Geris, Brent Arthur James: Best of All Worlds
Hey, Graham: The Comedy Cosmonaut
Magician, Christopher T.: A Show for All Seasons
Matney, Ryan: The Midnight Oil - Late Sessions with a Pug
McGill, Ormond: Balancing Magic and Other Tricks
Peris, Daniel: The Peristance
Redford, Patrick: Cardboard
Reynolds, Steve: Output Issues 1-20
Richardson, Barrie: Curtain Call
Richie, Alma M.: Slydini's Linking Rubber Band Mystery
Rogers, Wayne (Chicane): Nothing to Declare
Rowland, Ian: Alpha Series Lecture Notes Set 2 - Cards
Shane, R.: Automata
Shane, R.: Five
Shane, R.: Four
Shane, R.: One
Shane, R.: Pentology
Shane, R.: Three
Shane, R.: Two
Shotts, Floyd: Devilish Deceits
Silkie, Joe; Steve Pittella: Walrus Tails
Simmons, Ken: Riffling the Pasteboards
Slaight, Allan: The Essential Stewart James
Sminkey, Don: It's Not What You Do, But How You Do It!
Smith, Al: Card Stalking
Smith, Al: Cards on Demand
Smith, Havarston: Hot Slots
Smith, Phillip: Passport to Marked Cards
Sorcar, P.C.: Sorcar On Magic
Stagnaro, Angelo: Shibboleth, Mentalist Secrets
Stagnaro, Angelo: Something From Nothing
Stanley, Harry: Gems with Jumbo Cards
Stanley, Harry: Magic With Jumbo Cards
Stapleton, Dan: Magic for the Working Magician
Stern, Deane: No Secrets
Stevens, Eric: Thought Space
Stone, Capt. J.E.: Tricky Tricks and Telling Talk
Stone, Jeff: Diary of a Madman
Stone, Tom: A Toast for Charon
Stone, Tom: Abstract Passions
Stone, Tom: Flatland Fever
Stone, Tom: Gravel
Stone, Tom: Maelstrom
Stone, Tom: Moonshine Monologues
Stone, Tom: Random Walk
Stone, Tom: Runes of Tomorrow
Stone, Tom: Skerries
Stone, Tom: Sleepless in a Pipedream
Stone, Tom: Snapshots
Stone, Tom: The Eye of the Last Dragon
Stone, Tom: The Warpsmith's Toolbox
Stone, Tom: Tripodal by Sundown
Strange, Caleb: The Garden of the Strange
Strivings, Mark: An Omelet for Denver
Strivings, Mark: Constructive Mentalism
Strivings, Mark: Strange Thoughts
Strong, Todd: The Devil Stick Book
Strout, Cushing: On the Other Side of the Mirror
Sugar, Bert Randolph & James Randi: Presenting Houdini His Life and Art
Sumpter, Gary: Ultimate Street Magic
Surath, Avrom, Webster Bull: Life With A Magic Company
Swadling, Bob: FFFF Lecture Notes
Swan, Parker: How to Force a Watermelon
Swigert, Ryan: KickBack, the Real Work
Swiss, Jamy Ian: Dichotomies
Swiss, Jamy Ian: Theurgical Thread II
Sylber, Charles & T.A. Whitney: 33 Deceptions With a Change Bag
Tank, J.: Tidbits & Touches
Tanner, Don: How To Do Headline Predictions (updated with revised edition info)
Tappan, Peter: The Peter Tappan Lecture
Thompson, J.G., Jr. & B.W. McCarron (editor): Strongest Thought
Thornton, Dr. Spencer: Thornton's Secrets of Mental Magic
Thurston, Howard: Thurston's Easy Pocket Tricks Book No. 2
Thurston, Howard: Thurston's Easy Pocket Tricks Book No. 3
Tillar, Jack Kent: Trio
Tiong, Phoa Yan: Subtlety and Utility In Magic
Tong, Dan: Master Lecture Series 1 Close Up

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