Jan 2020 Magic Book Table of Content Update

50 Books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page.
Also updated the Reference Guide to the Egg Bag.

Books added in January:

Abbott, David P.: David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries
Acer, David: Bread & Butter
Acer, David: This is a Circle
Acer, David: Toast & Jam
Adair, Ian: Oceans of Notions
Adair, Ian: Television Puppet Magic
Adams, Howard: OICUFESP Volume 3
Alberstat, Paul: Can You Keep a Secret?
Albright, Howard: Klever Kard Kodes
Anderson, A.: How to Do 40 Tricks With Cards
Anderson, A.: How To Do Mechanical Tricks
Anderson, A.: How to Do Sleight of Hand
Anderson, A.: How to Do Tricks - Card Tricks and Magic
Anderson, Gent: Gene Anderson The Book
Anderson, Harry: The Shadow
Andrews, Val: Dedicated Magic
Andrews, Val: Goodnight Mr. Dante
Bordner, Greg: The Abbot Magic Collection Volume 18 Supplement & Potpourri
Burlingame, H.J.: How to Read People's Minds
De La Mano: Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy
Grant, U.F. & Stewart James: Abbott's Hat Loading Methods
Grant, U.F.: 50 Ways to Produce a Silk
Hughes, Tom: Libraries Rock
Jermay, Luke: 3510
Jones, Gary: Life's a Beach Volume One
Jones, Gary: Life's a Beach Volume Two
Jones, Lewis: As If By Magic
Knight, Devin: A Lifetime in Magic (Volume 1)
Knight, Devin: A Lifetime in Magic (Volume 2)
Neale, Robert: Impossi-Bill Braid
Oldham, Keith: Coin Magic Basic
Osborne, Paul: Evil Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix #2
Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix #3
Powers, Mike: Tesseract
Selbit: Magic Art of Entertaining
Stodare, Colonel: Hand-Book of Magic
That's Magic: 50 Tricks With Scotch & Soda
Williams, Walt: Nu-Trix With the Square Circle
Yates, Jack: Accusation
Yeager, John: Further Magic With Dots
Yeager, John: More Magic With Dots
Yee, Shaun: Cardwitched
York, Scotty: Cups & Balls
York, Scotty: Passport Wallet
Zabrecky, Rob: An Exploration At the Intersection of Magic and Theatre
Zella, Frank & Jimmy King: Woffledusters
ZeTuer, Prof: Magic Rabbit Book
Zingg, Allen: Billets - Naturally
Zoerman, Robert J., Jr.: MagicBob's Potpourri Lecture

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