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Bertol, Louis: The Kid Stuff of Louis Bertol
Carey, Vin: Vin Carey's Paper Tearing Act
Christian, Brad: Kard Klub Heat of the Battle
Crandall, Clarke (Senator): Bartender Dice Routine
Dixie, Raymond: The Boy Magician
Fulves, Karl: Charles T. Jordan Collected Tricks
Ganson, Lewis: The Complete Magic Teach-In Series
Gloye, Gene: More Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups
Hades, Micky: Encyclopedia of Suspensions and Levitations
Hades, Micky: Magic The Way I See It
Hagy, James: The Perennial Mystics #12
Hagy, James: The Perennial Mystics #13
Haist, Carl: Beer Bottle Bafflers
Hale, Howard: Jewels of Magic
Harling, Ian & Martin Nyrup: Sleight of Mind
Harris, Ben: 1986 World Lecture Tour Notes
Harris, Ben: Midnight Special
Harris, Ben: New Directions Issue 3
Haskell, Bob & Don Lawton: X-Salted Shaker
Hass, Lawrence: New Thoughts and Mysteries 2008
Hawkesworth, Eric: Making a Shadowgraph Show
Hawkesworth, Eric: Puppet Shows to Make
Heldman, Ernie: Cards That Mean Business
Herbert, Terry: The Magic of Comedy
Hilliard, John: Leaves From My Notebook
Hirata, Haruhito: Something From the East
Hobbs, Stephen: Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing
Hollingsworth, Scott: Cashing In With Close-Up Restaurant Magic
Hollins, Edward: Technicolor Munchies
Holmes, Roy: Illusions as Illustrations
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magic of Basil Horwitz Volume 2
Hugard & Braue: The Invisible Pass
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 1
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 2
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 3
Hull, Burling: A Modern Production Act
Hull, Burling: Card Act With Patter - Electra Trance Cards
Hull, Burling: Gold Medal Showmanship
Hull, Burling: Master Book of Blindfolds
Hull, Burling: World Famous Cut & Restored Rope Feats No. 1
Hummer, Bob, Whispering Spirit
Hunter, Norman: New & Easy Magic
Ireland, Laurie: Famous Cup and Ball Routine
Jillette, Penn and Teller: Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends
Kardyro, Tony: Aces Galore
Karr, Todd: Backyard Magic
Kaufman, Richard  So Sato: The Secrets of So Sato
Kazan: Playing With Fire
Kimlat, Kostya: Card Tricks for Strangers, Pets and Magicians Wives
Klause, Roger: Whisper
Knepper, Kenton: Wonder Readings
Laflin, Duane: Change Bag Creativity, Contrivance, and Comedy
Laub, Denny & Gary Inglese: The Smagorad
Leeds Inner Magic Circle: Magic for You
Leveridge, Mark: The Leveridge Way
Lorraine, Sid: Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook
Lovell, Simon: Have Lecture Notes, Will Travel
Lovell, Simon: The Floating Key Card...Plus!
Magical Youth International: MYI Yearbook 1972
Magus, Jim: Horror Magic
Mann, Al: The Seven Seals
Mark, Richard: Mindbending Magic
Marshall, Frances: Merry Magical Christmas Book
Marshall, Horace & Edward Sequin: Historical and Modern Magic
McLittle, Alex: S7V7N
Menard, Kevin: Presents (Yellow Cover)
Mendoza, John F.: Ventriloquism Made Easy
Merry Richard, Val Andrews, & Clifford David: Merry Bits & Patter Quips
Mestrovich, Kenwood: Zombie August 1961
Miesel, William P.: Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel
Miller, John: Lecture Notes No. II
Moulton, HJ: Houdini's History of Magic in Boston 1792-1915
Nelson, Robert & E.J. Moore: Super Prediction Tricks
Newton, Geoffrey: Experi-MENTAL
Osterlind, Richard: The Perfected Center Tear
Palfreyman, John: Magic In a Game
Pavel: Colourful Magic
Pavel: Easy to Make Magic
Pavel: Magic for Magicians
Pavel: Magically Yours
Pavel: New Magic Selection
Pavel: Star-Rated Magic
Perry, Warner: The Emerald Mystery
Petrick & Mia: Professional Magic - Coins 1
Sankey, Jay: Sankey UK 1999 Tour Volume One
Sankey, Jay: Sankey UK 1999 Tour Volume Two
Sankey, Jay: The Material Fiction of Jay Sankey - Cards
Sankey, Jay: The Material Fiction of Jay Sankey - Coins
Saunders, Arthur: The Magic Gusher
Sellers, Tom: Subtle Sorcery
Sellers, Tom: Trick Tracks
Sheey, Dick: Lecture Notes
Solari, Bob: Shoot to Kill
Stanley, Bernard: Fun With Figures
Steele, W.F.: Card Tricks You Will Do
Stuthard, Joe: Stooging Around
Stuthard, Joe: Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties
Stuthard, Joe: Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties (later edition)
Weber, Herman: Out of the Spook Cabinet
Weigle, Oscar: Color Scheme
Wilson, Gregory: Unpacked

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