June 2018 Magic Book Updates

Added over 60 additional books to the Magic Book Table of Contents listings:

Goodsell & White: The Complete Oracle
Hartling, Pit: In Order to Amaze
Musson, Clettis: Fire Magic
Musson, Clettis: Situation Comedy
Tanner, Don: How to Do Headline Predictions
Thomas Boys: Endless Amusement (from 1820)
Trost, Nick: Card Pentro
Trost, Nick: Cardman's Secrets Vol II
Trost, Nick: Challenge Poker Deal
Trost, Nick: Dr. Rhine Outdone!
Trost, Nick: Nick's Card Count
Trost, Nick: Nick's Routine With the Cups and Balls
Trost, Nick: Nick's Table Trix
Trost, Nick: Subtle Card Creations Volume 2
Trost, Nick: Subtle Card Creations Volume 3
Trost, Nick: Subtle Card Creations Volume 4
Trost, Nick: Triple Forecast
Trost, Nick: X Marks the Spot
Tucker, Stephen: Bob Ostin a Lifetime of Magic
Tucker, Stephen: Cardiac Arrest
Tucker, Stephen: Close Up Sorcery
Tucker, W.M.: The Change Raisers
Tunstill, Henry & Delveen: The Magical Record, Jan 1916
Turner, Richard: Three Card Monte Fully Exposed
Twinn, Sydney: The Chinese Linking Rings a New Routine
Tyler, Diamond Jim: Precious Gems Lecture Book
Tyler, Wilfred: Abdul and His Egg
Van de Carr, Michael: Card Magic
Waldman, Carl & Joe Layden: The Art of Magic
Walker, Mark: Ghostmasters
Ward, Gary: Part Time Magician's Close-Up Notebook
Warlock, Elizabeth: One Hundred by Warlock
Warlock, Peter: A Haunting We Will Go - Or Edison's Box
Warlock, Peter: Patterns for Psychics
Warlock, Peter: Warlock's Way
Wassilak, Alan: Secrets of the Quantum Deck
Weber, Michael: Life Savers Lecture
Weber, Michael: Side Effects
Weber, Micheal: The TAOM Intelligencer
Wehman Brothers: The New Book of Tricks
Weiner, Irv: Sponge Ball Routine
Wells, Harold Philmore: Sermons in Magic
White, Bob & Jason Womack: It's a Matter of Style
Williams, Geoffrey: The Lecture Your Mother Never Gave You
Williams, Ned: Six Card Creations
Wilson, Mark: Ocean Spray Mark Wilson Book of Magic
Wilson, Robin L. & Patrick Riley: Magic Penny Magnet Kit
Wilson, William (Will De Seive): These Card Tricks
Windley, Charles: Backstage 1987
Windley, Charles: Backstage 1989
Windsor, Tommy: Tommy Windsor's Pitch Act Book
Wisch, Bill: Wisches II
Woodbury, Rand: Illusionworks 2
Woodbury, Rand: Illusionworks 3
Woodbury, Rand: The Base Book
Wyrick, Steve: Thumb Tip Magic
Yeager, John: Fun With Card Tricks
Yeager, John: More Fun With Card Tricks
Yedid, Meir: Memorable Magic (replace cover)
Young, M. (Publisher): The Secrets of Ancient and Modern Magic (1880)
Zavis, William: Sleight Deception
Zenon, Paul: Amazing Magic - Cool Card Tricks
Zenon, Paul: Amazing Magic - Gimmicks and Card Tricks
Zenon, Paul: Amazing Magic - Magic of the Mind
Zenon, Paul: Amazing Magic - Simple Sleight-of-Hand
ZeTuer, Prof: Building the Square Circle
Zollweg, Ron: A Magical Interlude

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