April 2021 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

I've finally been able to add some more Magic Book tables of content to the Magic Reference site. Sorry for the long delay. No major issues, just really busy with other things right now!

Updates for 2 April 2021:

Abbott's Magic Co.: Dark Energy Secrets - Expanded PDF
Abich, Roz & Boche Kaplan: Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks
Acer, David: The Views
Adair, Ian: A1 Magic by IA
Adair, Ian: Adair's Ideas - A Collection of Novel Mysteries
Adair, Ian: How to Become a Supreme Magician
Adair, Ian: Kids' Show Selection
Adair, Ian: Pot-Pourri
Albright, Howard & T.A. Whitney (editor): The Practical Psychic's 5-Minute Card Reading System
Allen, Alexander: Natural & Close Up
Allen, Bruce and David Williamson: For Your Eyes Only (updated publishing date)
Allen, Stan: Cruise Ship Magic - The Lecture
Allerton, Bert: Disarming Card Deceptions
Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Lecture
Ammar, Michael: Lecture Notes (2010)
Ammar, Michael: Michael Ammar Notes 2016
Andrews, Max: Sixteen Thumbtie Gems (added book cover)
Andrews, Val: Manual of Balloon Modeling Vol 1
Andrus, Jerry: Sleightly Slanted
Anonymous (Nickerson Pub): Hocus Pocus, or the Whole Art of Legerdemain (1830)
Anonymous (Worthing Co. Pub): Parlor Magic A Series of Tricks Made Easy (1889)
Anonymous: Hocus Pocus Jr (1635)
Aragon, Woody: Memorandum
Archer, Danny: Alone Again
Archer, Danny: Working Alone (added book cover)
Armstrong, George: Tricks of the Trade
Atmore, Joseph: Dunninger's Brain Busters
Avis, Jack & John Derris: Vis a Vis, a Jack Avis Book
Avis, Jack & Lewis Jones: Ahead of the Pack
Baker, Matt: The Buena Vista Shuffle Club
Baker, Roy: Miracle Shell-Coin Routines
Baker, William, Jr.: Close-Up Gospel Magic
Banachek: Psychological Subtleties 2
Banachek: Psychological Subtleties 3
Bannon, John: Avant Carde Journal, Vol 1 Issue 1
Bannon, John: Bullet Party
Bannon, John: Secret Weapons
Bannon, John: Some Impossibilia
Bannon, John: Without Volume One, Number One
Bargatze, Stephen: Four Tricks From All Four of Us
Barnhart, Norm: Comedy Balloon Hats
Barnhart, Norm: Comedy Magic With Balloons
Baron, Harry: Magic for Beginners (added book cover)
Bishop, Glenn: Early Bishop Card Effects
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 1
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 2
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 3
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 4
Brent, Lu: Collected Card Mysteries
Carey, John: The Carey Files, Volume 1
Colombini, Aldo & Will Ayling (editor): Fabian's Magic Notes
Dawes, Edwin A. & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic (updated)
Daws, Jamie: Guise
Dexter, Will: The Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks (added book cover)
Hay, Henry (Ed): Cyclopedia of Magic (added book cover)
Hunter, Norman: Successful Conjuring (added book cover)
Ladanye, Jason: Confident Deceptions
Ladanye, Jason: Game Changer
Longe, Bob: Clever Card Tricks
Lovick, John: The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack etc.
Regal, David: Interpreting Magic
Rubinstein, Dr. Michael: Runinstein Coin Magic
Rubinstein, Michael: Creative Coin Magic Lecture 4
Schneider, Al: Al Schneider Magic
Steinmeyer Jim: The Conjuring Anthology
Taylor, Eugene (editor): Antinomy, a Quarterly Journal about Perception & Deception
Tunnah, William F. (Amalfi): Santa's Workshop and Other Christmas Magic


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