Magic Book Table of Contents Update - March 2022

60 more Magic Book table of contents entries added here:
This month, mostly Author's who's last names start with "D".
(And about 13 books had some significant updates, such as better cover photo, added descriptions, corrections, etc.)

Andrews, Val: Komedy For Kid Shows
Bartram, Richard, Jr: Close-Up of the Damned (updated)
Berland, Sam: Tear-a-Bill
Bowman & Bard: Mental Magic
Britland, David: Zenner Effect
Clifton, John Lee: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (updated)
Cremer, W.H. (ed): Hanky Panky, A Book of Conjuring Tricks
Dalal, Sam: Change Bags and 101 Tricks
Dawes, Edin A. & Michael E. Dawes: John Henry Anderson - The Great Wizard of the North
Dawes, Edwin A.: Stodare - The Enigma Variations
Dayton, Ronald J.: A Darker Light
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part One (updated)
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part Two
De Cova, Alexander: Treasures
Dean, Jack: Lecture Notes - 1
Dean, Jack: Psychic Sight
Delgaudio, Derek & Glenn Kanio: A. Bandit, A Secret Has Two Faces
DelGaudio, Derek: Magic Con Notes 2010
Dell, Alan: Nu Way Cut and Restored Bill
Delvin, Jack: Magic in the Family Circle
Demaline, Jesse: Jesse Demaline's DeMagic
Derris, John: KISS
Desmond, Paul: The Art of Emceeing
DeSouza, Marc: Flights of Fantasy
DeSouza, Marc: Master Words of Conjuring - The Lecture
Devereux, Eve & Peter Eldin: Card & Magic Tricks
Devereux, Eve: Start-A-Craft Card Tricks
Dexter, S. Edward: Entertaining With Contact Mind Reading
Dexter, Will: 101 Magic Secrets
Dexter, Will: A Little Magic Among Friends
Dick, William Brisbane: Dick's One Hundred Amusements
Dickson, Craig R.: For the Entertainer Collection No. 1
Dickson, Craig R: For the Entertainer II (updated)
Dixon, Doc: MonkeyShines Volume Two
Dobrowolski, Tom: Arizona 2021 Notes
Dobrowolski, Tom: First, Find a Layman
Dobrowolski, Tom: The Retirement Notes
Dobski, Chester: Thimble Trix
Dobson, Steve: Dobson's Dimensions
Dobson, Wayne: Look No Hands
Dobson, Wayne: Look No Hands - the Lecture
Dobson, Wayne: More Look No Hands
Dobson, Wayne: Outlines
Dobson, Wayne: Young Ideas
Docherty, Doc: Trampled Under Cards
Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): The Chop Cup
Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): The Coin Box
Dolan, Edward F., Jr.: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
Douglas, Bert: Magic As You Like It
Douglas, Bert: Modern Magic
Downs, T. Nelson: Book of New Coin Tricks, No. 14
Dracup, Rev. Jim: Magic That Points to the Upward Life (updated)
Drake, David: Working the Tables
Dreher, Carl: Lecture II Keeping an Eye on Close-Up
Duce, Bert: Magic for All (updated)
Duck, Russel (Russduck): The Cardiste Magazine (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Close Up To the Point (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Duet (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Trio (updated)
Duffy, Trevor: Crossing the Fine Line
Dunhill, Ed: Miracles in Magic from My Friends
Dunn, Bob: Magic for All, or Make Magic (updated)
Dunninger, Joseph: How to Make a Ghost Walk
Dunninger, Joseph: Monument to Magic
Dusheck, Steve & James Klein (editor): Dusheck's Card Magic
Dusheck, Steve: Lecture No. 1
Dusheck, Steve: Thumb Tip Magic
Duzer, Eric Van: The Seven Basic Secrets of Illusion Design
Dyment, Doug: Calculated Thoughts
Dyment, Doug: Mindsights (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Stimulacra (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Trycilic
Dyne, Ken: Lecture Notes Summer 2015
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