May 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Small update this month. About 30 new magic book Table of Content entries added, mostly under author's last names starting with "H", in addition so some various other updates.

Grant, U.F.: Pick-Pocket Stunts
Hagy James: The Perennial Mystics #1
Hagy James: The Perennial Mystics #2
Hallas, Paul: Mindful Mentalism
Hanes, Justin: Becoming Magic
Harbin, Robert: Early Harbin - Harbin x2 Part I
Harris, Arthur & Louis F. Preus: Snappy Club Magic
Hart, Steve: Manna Magic
Hartman, Jerry K.: CAAN Craft
Hayden, Allan: Bulldogs & Haydenizms
Haydn, Whit: Fast and Loose Lecture Notes 82
Hemingway, David: Stand-Up Magic Routined
Herman, Frank: Card-Kerchiefs & Their Magic
Hermanzo, Dennis: Mentalized
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 1 (Mestha)
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 2 (Qebhsennuf)
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 3 (Taumautef)
Hobbs, Stephen: Labyrinth A Journal of Close-Up Magic
Hobbs, Stephen: The Essential Sol Stone
Hodgson, A.S., S.A.S. McMillan: Fifty Years Later
Hoffman, Professor: Drawing Room Amusements and Evening Party Entertainments
Hooser, Troy & Mark Tams (editor): The Triple Threat
Hope, James: The Holistic Approach to Magic
Hopkins, Julius P.: Effervescent Effects
Huggins, Wilfred: Secrets of the Street Conjurer
Hull, Burling 'Volta': The Billion Dollar Bait *need cover
Hull, Burling: Entirely Surrounded by the Audience
Hull, Ralph W.: Supreme Mental Discernment
Hulsh, Benjamin M.: Magic at Home Made Easy
Hyland, Paul: Marc Oberon's Grips, Lines & Looks

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