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Acer, David: 7 By Michel Huot
Andrew Galloway: Diverting Card Magic
Andrew Galloway: Ramsay Finale
Andrews, Max: Magic Magazine Volume 2
Andrews, Val: The Big Show
Anonymous: Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks and Book of Riddles
Baker, Al: Twenty-Five Dollar Manuscript
Barnowsky, Larry: Counting on Deception
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica II
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica III - Gems From the Repertoire
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica IV - Secrets From the Vault
Beam, Steve: The Changing of the Cards
Berland, Samuel: Berland's Soap Swindle
Berland, Samuel: Biltrix Series No. 2
Berland, Samuel: New and Original Tricks With Watches
Berland, Samuel: Portfolio of More Exclusive Tricks
Carpenter, Jack: Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Clifton, John: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (partial)
Corinda, Tony: The Powers of Darkness
DaOrtiz, Dani: Cardmagic SemiAutomatic 2
DeCourcy, Ken: Mistress of Pentertain
DeCourcy, Ken: Pentertain
DeCourcy, Ken: Son of Pentertain
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 1 Master Poker Demo
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 2 Royal Triumph
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 3 Illusion Aces
Dingle, Derek: Dingle's Deceptions
Downs, T. Nelson: Tricks With Coins
Duffie, Peter: A Magician Goes to Church
Duffie, Peter: Close Up to the Point
Duffie, Peter: Double Indemnity
Duffie, Peter: Duet
Duffie, Peter: Magic That Gives the Upward Lift
Duffie, Peter: Magic That Points to the Upward Life
Duffie, Peter: Magic With an Upward Look
Duffie, Peter: Quartet
Dunninger, Joseph: Popular Magic Vol 1
Dunninger, Joseph: Popular Magic Vol 3
Duval, Ade: A Rhapsody in Silk
Duvivier, Dominique: Lecture Notes 99 American Tour
Earle, Lee: M.I.N.D. Mentalism in New Directions
Earle, Lee: The Lee Earle 1-2-3 Trilogy
Edward, Mark: Restless Plots
Edwards, Doug: Nukes
Elias, Neal: At the Table Tricks
Etcheverry, Jesus & Arturo Ascanio: More Studies of Card Magic
Evans, Joey & Alexandra: Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Comedy Magic
Fajuri, Gabe: Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic & Conjuring
Falkner, Bob: Magic A Communications Tools Volume One
Farelli, Victor: John Ramsay's Routine With Cups and Balls
Findlay, James B.: Fourth Collectors Annual
Findlay, James B.: Sixth Collectors Annual
Fisher, Aaron: FISM 2003
Fitikides, Pieras: Crystal Card
Fortune, Jay: Radio Magic Interviews Session One
Foy, Vincent: A Cut Above
Frame, Tom: Hold'em Magic
Francis, Douglas: Spectator's Choice
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles No. 13
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles No. 8
Fulves, Karl: The Noir Test
Ganson, Lewis: Give a Magician Enough Rope And He'll Do a Trick
Garcia, Frank: Exclusive Card Secrets
Garr, Ken: Paradox
Garrett, Dan: Easy Magic for Clowns
Giobbi, Robert: 2 Stand-Up Routines
Gladwin, Andi & Jamie Badman: The Cheetah's Handbook
Roberts, Charles & Charles Crayford: Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks
Roberts, Charles: Tricks With Cards

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