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Anonymous (Ward & Lock Pub.): Boy's Book of Conjuring (1930)
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Mystification
Becker, Larry: Stunners!
Behnke, Leo: Will Rock Presents...
Belcher, Len: Best of Belcher
Bellwew, Frank: The Art of Amusing (1866)
Blaisdell, Frank: Original Magic
Boys' Magazine: Book of Magic & Christmas Conjuring (1932)
Brunel, George: Fun With Magic (1901)
Brunelle, Jon: Strange Science
Bryden, Dean: Fun With Cards (1927)
Burden, Lawrence: Magical Gospel Lessons 1
Burger, Eugene: Spirit Theater
Burke, Corey: Sense
Busch, Richard: Mother's Home Companion
Busch, Richard: Peek Performances
Butterworth, Philip: Magic on the Early English Stage
Carlisle, Stanton: ESPecially Yours
Carlyle E. Raymond (Edward Fowler): Lecture Notes
Carnazzo, Paul: Altriotto
Carpenter, Jack: Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Carrington, Hereward: The Boy's Book of Magic (1920)
Carroll, Jene: Magic Routines You'd Love to Steal
Carter, Christopher: Lecture Notes
Cloutier, Carl: Lecture Notes 1993
Collins, A. Frederick: The Magic of Science (1917)
Colombini, Aldo: CardsDotCom
Colombini, Aldo: Make 'Em Laugh
Colombini, Aldo: Pre Deck Ability
Colombini, Aldo: Ringing Around Too!
Colombini, Aldo: The Band
Colombini, Aldo: The Chinese Purse
Conn, Doug & Jon Racherbaumer: Conn-Fidential
Connor, R. Brooks Jr.: The McAbee Rings
Conway Pat & Walt Lees: Pat Way to Con
Cook, Cecil: 51 Impromptu Conjuring Tricks (1946)
Cooper, Johnny: Polished Presentations
Craggs, Douglas: ABC of Ventriloquism
Cramer, Stuart: Secrets of Karl Germain
Crayford, Charles: New & Original Conjuring Tricks (1926)
Cremer, W.H.: The Secret Out (1859)
Crockwell, Colin: The Business of Children's Entertainment
Crosthwaite, Roger: The Goodliffe Memorial Lecture
Culpitt, Frederick: Laughter and Legerdemain
Cyprian, Fr.: The Bottom Collectors
Cyprian, Fr.: TV Card Rise
Cyprian, Fr.: Your Are Magic 7 - Door to Door Card Sharp
Dalal, Swami: The Swami Gimmick
Damon, Dwight: Balloonatri
Daniels, Paul: Under no Illusion
DaOrtiz, Dani: Basic Moves of the MultiEffect Wallet
DaOrtiz, Dani: Card Magic SemiAutomatic
DaOrtiz, Dani: Libertad de Expression - Psychology Force
DaOrtiz, Dani: My Personal Stack
Daryl: Daryl's Rope Routine
Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
Dayton, Ron & Joseph Schmidt: Rope Worker
De Courcy, Ken: 33 Tricks with the PATEO Force
De Courcy, Ken: At the Drop of a Match
De Courcy, Ken: Dubbelkross and Simulkross
De Courcy, Ken: Exclusive Card Magic Series Numbers 1-3
De Courcy, Ken: Four Ace Intros
De Courcy, Ken: Jack Yates' Card Caprice
De Courcy, Ken: Pin-Points
De Courcy, Ken: Tricks for Travelling Tricksters
Devega: Summertime Sorcery (1939)
Dexter, Will: Everybody's Book of Magic
Dickson, Craig: For the Entertainer Lecture 2
Dingle, Derek: Lecture Notes by Derek Dingle
Dingle, Derek: The Complete Works of Derek Dingle (notes)
Herron, Carl: Have Séance Will Travel
Herron, Carl: Papers of Gautama Siddhartha
Wright, Page: Page Wright's Manuscript

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