Abbott, David P: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
©1908 The Open Court Publishing Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages

Reprint by Chuck Romano, IL
Softcover, 30 pages

Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
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              Abbott: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
Chuck Romano Edition
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David P. Abbott: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy

Comments: This book reads like an advertisement for the magic of Joseffy, and how is methods of magic are vastly superior to the old methods, although none of the new secrets are exposed. In this day, we'd all want to see a video, but in 1908 we are limited to the descriptions of the author and a few still photographs. The text does expose the basic methods of some older illusions.

Contents: (from book):

1 Chapter I
1 On Exposure
2 Robert Houdin: father of modern magic
2 De Kolta: secrets destroyed
3 Joseffy: among the best originator

3 Chapter II
3 Rising Card: old methods described
5 Joseffy's Card Rise: how it is superior, secret not divulged

6 Chapter III
6 Balsamo The Living Skull: old version compared
9 Hand Rapping: versions compared

9 Chapter IV
9 De Kolta Mysterious Cube: small cube grows large, and female assistant appears inside
11 Joseffy's Enigmatic Cube: with B&W photographs
13 The Phantom Quartette: human skeletons play ocarinas instruments

15 Chapter V
15 Congress of Nations: flags of the nations and more produced from a metal ring
16 Dove to Rabbit: A dove in a paper bag is shot, and visibly replaces a rabbit in a box
18 A Lifelike Rabbit and Duck: Joseffy's desire for rabbit that doesn't need to be fed
19 Duck Pan
20 Joseffy's Flower Trick: described
20 Hindu Popping Corn: original feat compared to Joseffy's

21 Chapter VI
21 Joseffy's Laboratory
22 Joseffy's Presentations