Acer, David: Natural Selections
1995 Camirand Academy of Magic 
Hardcover, w/dj, 147 pages
David Acer:
              Natural Selections
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JSigmo

(Manon Roch): Over 400 photographs. Note that a 42 minute companion video was made available for this book that provides performance only of 25 sleights and routines, plus two bonus effects both performed and explained (Diamonds are Forever - diamond removed from 7D becomes real and 7D becomes a 6D; The Card Also Rises)


3 About the Author
4 Acknowledgments
5 Table of Contents
7 Candid Camirand
9 Foreword by Jay Sankey
11 A Word About the Contributors

13 Chapter 1: Professional Card Magic, Part 1
13 Lickely Flip
18 Four on the Floor (with Richard Sanders)
20 Cheap Labour
26 No Holes Barred: Impromptu moving hole routine uses signed selected card
28 Cartes Blanches: 4 card printing effect

35 Chapter 2: Sterling Silver
35 Money Flies: coins to glass routine w/no-hands transposition
45 Cord Coin Holder

49 Chapter 3: The Plots Thicken
49 Missing Ink: Stack of blank business card prints in your palms
54 Rink: Borrowed finger ring links to arm of borrowed glasses
58 The Spice rack: stretch a salt shaker to twice its size
60 Transposition Ring Flight: Ring Flite handling

65 Chapter 4: Finesse
65 Split Three Ways
67 The Running Control
70 The Overload
72 The Trinary Cut
74 BJ's Honey Cut
76 The Kick Toss (plus "double Header" and "hot hands")

81 Chapter 5 : Professional Card Magic, Part 2
81 The Camera Never Lies: A deck of cards "camera" develops a chosen card
87 SST (Straightforward Stand-up triumph)
92 Mini Fusion
95 Flying Colors
99 Initially Yours
106 Emotional Bonding

111 Chapter 6 : Miracles with the Bill Switch
111 Richie's Double Bill Switch (Richards Sanders)
117 Around the World in 80 Dollars: borrowed bill changes into foreign currency from 2 countries, which the spectator chooses
118 Money for Nothing

123 Chapter 7 : Showstopper
123 The President's Message: Name of chosen card appears in thought bubble on $20 bill
128 Deckromancy
133 Swiss pack: selection becomes full of holes, the holes vanish, then the deck gains a huge hole through it. (Available commercially as well)

141 Chapter 8 : On Stage
141 The Body Swap(with Richard Sanders)
143 Hyperventilate

147 Index on Sleights