Morley Adams: Tricks That Anyone Can Do
Adams, Morley: Tricks That Anyone Can Do
©1911 The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 96 pages
Morley: Tricks That Anyone Can Do
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Comments: "Ingenious ways in which an Amateur Without Expensive apparatus or a knowledge of sleights can entertain and amuse"

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

1 Introduction......................

3 I—Simple Drawing-Room Tricks
3 1. Match Tricks
8 2. Tricks with Paper
26 3. Balancing Tricks
36 4. Impromptu Tricks

47 II — Stage Tricks
47 1. Simple Conjuring
66 2. Some Effective Card Tricks
81 3. Two More Ambitious Illusions

95 Concluding Remarks