Allen, Tom: Tom Allen's Garden Path
©No Date, Tom Allen
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11"
Tom Allen:
              Garden Path
Image courtesy GrandIllusions

Comments (Grand Illusions): Tom Allen Lecture Notes. This book teaches easy and not-so-easy close-up tricks using cards, coins, and other small objects. To maintain a consistent structure, each trick begins with a brief description and a construction matrix, identifying the Effect, Device, Preparation and Props needed.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Notes & Quotes
2 The basic devices of magic...The Moment of magic

3 Act One: Mystic Coins
3 Purse-Picuity: A magical coin production from an empty purse frame
4 Triumvirate: A powerful, easy to do Triumph synthesis
4 Dowsing Dollar: A card on coin with a surprising kicker
5 3-2-1...Go!: A signed card to billfold trick with NO palming

5 Act Two: Up The Garden Path
6 Exchange Rate: An easy to do copper/silver transpo in a volunteers hand
7 SBX2: A quick sponge ball interlude with a surprise ending
8 River City Aces: A pseudo-gambling demo with a straight-flush kicker
9 T & L Jokers: Transformations and transpositions; Wild card with a wallop