Ammar, Michael: Aspen Bar Magic
1990 Michael Ammar
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 80 pages
Michael Ammar:
              Aspen Bar Magic
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Comments: Part of Michael's Magical Arts Journal (MAJ), released as Volume 3, issues 1-5 in 1990. The complete archive of MAJ is now available as a compiled hardcover from


1 Anatomy of a Magic Bar (Doc Eason): Essay on the Tower Restaurant and magic bartending
5 Editor's Notes (Michael Ammar): Essay on this issue
6 Elements of Bar Magic (Doc Eason): the four basic elements
8 Relationship Strategies (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): With Other bartenders, cocktail waitresses, waiters, etc.
11 Bar Diplomacy (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): Splitting tips, pouring drinks, and more
13 Crystal Ball (Doc Eason): ESP effect with cards and a 1 inch crystal ball using two spectators at opposite ends of the bar and everyone in between
15 The $100 Card on the Ceiling thru Ceiling Fan (Doc Eason): the complete work
17 Notes on Multiple Selection of Cards (Doc Eason): for complete audience participation
21 Bogus Control (Steve Spill): More on multiple selections
25 The Magic Bartenders Blues (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): a song
26 Bar Bits (Michael Ammar, Doc Eason): some comedy bits and tips and making the bill disappear
29 Coin on Forehead (Steve Spill): letting the audience in on the effect
30 This Tips for You (Bob Sheets): Hydrostatic Glass
31 The Pocket 'O Mystery (Michael Ammar): Cards to Pocket (suggestive language)
35 Michael Ammar's Bottle Production: Uses the Topit
42 The Bottle Vanish (Ammar): Looks like trick photography (also uses Topit)
46 The Floating Bill (Ammar): Uses elastic IT, highly detailed
54 Ad: Michael Ammar's Invisible Elastic
55 The Inverted Bell Curve (Ammar): an essay on how an inverted Bell Curve may apply to magicians
58 The Process to Effect Ratio (Ammar): Small impact, short presentation, Strong impact, longer presentation
60 Mullica On Mullica (Tom Mullica): Tom's bar magic history with tips
62 The Card Through Bar: application of Tom's Card Index
64 The Animation of Silver (Roland Gugganig): fork comes alive in a glass and can be examined
66 Breaded Fish (Jessie DiCamillo): Live Gold fish from a selected dinner roll
69 The Glass Through Bar or Table (J.C. Wagner): mastering the napkin fold
71 The Legend of Alesha (Eric Mead): Spirit fails to bend a spoon but unzips zipper instead (suggestive)
73 Boy Meets Girl (Eric Mead): Spectator stops deal at the Queen to match the King placed on the table
75 Stuck On U (Lou Wymisner, Eric Mead): running gag with chewing gum
76 What I Needed to Know (Eric Mead): more tips on performing in a bar
77 Special Bonus - The Sugar Trick (Bob Sheets): Initials on Sugar cube - expanded!
79 Ad: Making Magic Memorable Audio Tape
80 Ad: Negotiating Higher Performance Fees Audio Tape
81 Back Cover: Summary of this issue