Val Andrews: Egg Bags and Egg Gags
Andrews, Val: Egg Bags and Egg Gags
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Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 18 pages
Val Adrews Egg Bags and Egg Gags
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Comments: Typewritten manuscript, single sided pages, with B&W drawings.

Contents (from book, updated Dec 2023):

2 Introduction (Val Andrew)
3 The Classic Egg Bag: the effect, construction, and handling;full width pocket
4 Variations on the Classic Bag
5 Golf Ball and Bag: idea
5 The Egg Bag and the Greats: paragraph on the Egg Bag in magic history
5 Dante's Master Touches: general description of Dante's routine including children
6 De Beire: his use of a blown egg
6 The Val Andrews Egg Bag: handling and presentation for the Classic version
6 - The Throw-In Move
7 - Patter: and moves to accompany
8 Productive Egg Bag: older style Egg Bag used as a multi-egg production effect
9 All-Net Productive Bag: apparently see-thru
10 Novelty Egg Bags: some mentions, and brief detail of a Rabbit Egg Bag
11 The Confetti Egg And Its Many Uses
11 - Confetti to Egg...Egg to Confetti
12 - Confetti Ideas: nine more ideas, including a Rice-Bowl combination
13 - The Classic Effect: using a glass and confetti
13 Max Sterling's Egg on Fan: description and ideas
14 - Patter for the Egg on Fan
14 The Egg of Columbus: two methods to balance and egg on end
15 Action Gags With Eggs
15 - Breaking the Egg
15 - Dove Pan Gag
15 - Shorts Bag
15 - More Comedy Egg Gags: 8 more gags
16 Ideas With Eggs: drawings on them
16 Emergency Prop Egg: paper mache
17 Production from Rubber Chicken
17 Boy, Girl and Eggs
17 Useful Patter Bits for Egg Tricks: about a dozen one liners