Val Andrews: Komedy for Kids Shows
Andrews, Val: Komedy For Kid Shows
©1960 Cordinas Magic Studios
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x10", 25 pages
Val Andrews: Komedy for Kid Shows
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Comments: Reviewed in the August, 1960 Genii. Available as an eBook from

Contents (from Trickshop ebook edition, numbers do not match original):

3 Introduction (Val Andrews)
4 Synopsis of Contents
5 Wilfred Sends Word: torn and restored ending with paper rabbit
8 Rudolph The Reindeer: antlers vanish from a cut-out reindeer head and then re-appear
12 Making A Cake Plus!: Dove pan cake production with a costume change climax
18 Bunny Rabbit Boy: a stage effect incorporating a boy who becomes a rabbit and more
24 William Wouldn't Tell: comedy skit for performaer and assistant
28 The Sorcerer's Apprentice: outline of how to use a child from the audience in a comedy presentation
31 Novelties For Kiddies' Entertainers
31 - The Breakaway Wand
31 - The Toy Box
31 - Setting Up
33 - Shoot It With a Banana!
33 - Egg Bag Gag
33 - Stung Again and Again!
35 - Situation Vacant?
35 - Trained Dog?
35 - Confectioner's Dream!