Andrews, Val: Murray
©1974 Goodliffe Publications, U.K.
Softcover, 88 pages
Val Andrews:
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Comments: From flyleaf: “This is the remarkable story of Murray, who travelled the world and made his name as "Murray the Escapologist". In the second part of the book some of the tricks, illusions and methods described also bear the stamp of the simplicity-audacity-bluff seal, and, of course, the first part is full of anecdotes bearing its impress.” Illustrated with B&W photos and drawings throughout.


1 Part 1 The Murray Story
1 The Man in the Straitjacket
3 Prologue in Brighton and Blackpool
10 The First Big Adventure
13 North to Nome
16 Home Again and Homeless!
19 Letter Home
20 He's Gone Again Finnigan!
22 The Silver Mines and Thursday Island
23 A Dismal Letter
24 My First Under-water Escape
25 A Showman is Born!
27 Java at Last and 'Murray and the King of Siam'
28 With Money in Mind
29 Mid-Tewnties Far East
31 London City of Dreams Come True
33 Excelsior!
34 Name in Lights and Bat's Eye View of Eros
35 Performer Advertisement 1926
36 Triumphant Return
37 Happier Days
38 Airborne Escapologist
41 Money in the Lions' Den
42 Happy Days Again and Lights Out
46 Murray at Seventy
47 Murray on Publicity

52 Part 2 The Magic of Murray
52 Publicity Cartoon
53 Round the World in Magic
56 Simplicity Audacity Bluff
57 Murray's Rabbit Production
58 Murray's Totem Pole Illusion
60 A Curious Card Trick
61 Unexpected Moments
61 - Card Stabbing
63 - Intermission - the Card Sword
65 - Card Divining
65 - Silk Penetration Through Glass
66 - The Mystery Figure and Sugar
69 The Beheaded Princess
71 The Canvas Cabinet
74 Murray's Card Crystal
75 Newspaper Prison
77 Vanishing Clock
79 Murray's Bead Mystery
80 The Three Card Trick...With Beer
81 Ladder of Mah Jong
84 Escape from the Gestapo
86 The Pincushion Cabinet