Anonymous: 25 Party Games For You To Play
Anonymous: 25 Party Games For You To Play
©Unknown, Printed in the USA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9"
Anonymous: 25 Party Games
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Comments: this book of children's games includes three pages of "magic tricks", though the tricks are more like stunts and betcha's.

Contents (from book ToC):

I Magic Tricks
I - The Slippery Scissors: removing scissors from a string
I - The Lazy Quarter: removing a paper from under a coin without the coin falling
I - The Greedy Matches: matches mysteriously float away from the center
I - The Hypnotized Penny: a coin and handkerchief stunt
2 Box Fishing
3 See-Remembory
4 Hear-Remembory
4 Smell-Remembory
4 Donkey Party Stunts
5 Donkey Party Fortunes
6 Pass It
7 Treasure Strings
8 Peanut Party
8 - Peanut Carry
8 - Peanut Toss
9 - Peanut Blow
9 - Red-Hot Peanuts
9 - Peanuts In the Bag
10 On the Spot
10 In Plain Sight
10 Air Ball
10 Touch Test
11 Stop, Thief!
11 Who Am I?
11 Winkum
11 Yesser
12 Whistle While You Work
12 Chast the Tail
12 Listen!
12 Make a Break
13 Magic Tricks: sorry no details for this page!
14 Magic Tricks
14 - The Standing Coin Trick: coin spins on the bottom of a tumbler
14 - The Magic Compass: drawing a perfect oval with a compass
14 - How to Drop a Coin Into a Bottle Without Touching It: stunt
14 - Bottoms Up! Tops Up!: matchbox lands on predicted side when tossed