Lee Asher: Diving Board Double

Asher, Lee: Diving Board Double
©2005 Lee Asher
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 51 pages

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Lee Asher: Diving Board Double
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Comments: With help from Kip Pascal. Lee's Double Lift, concentrating on both an acrobatic version and non-acrobatic version.


5 Dedication
5 Acknowledgements
6 Introduction

8 Interesting Trivia:
8 - The Origin of the Double Lift
9 - The Diving Board Double History
12 Basic Technique of the Non-Acrobatic Diving Board Double
12 - Turning the Diving Board Face Up
18 - Turning the Diving Board Face Down
22 Advanced Technique - The Acrobatic Diving Board Double
24 - Catching the Acrobatic Double
27 Tips for Improving Your Diving Board Double Technique
27 - Face Up Vs. Face Down
28 TIPS: four additional tips
31 Bonus Ambitious Sequence Using the DBD
31 - The Fugazzi Sequence
36 The Exercise - Snap With a BDB
41 Behind The Back
44 Deck Vanish
47 Where Do I Go From Here?
48 About The Author
49 Contact Information
50 References