Rich Aviles: Above the Fold
Aviles, Rich: Above the Fold
©2010 Rich Aviles, Vanishing Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 74 pages
Rich Aviles: Above the Fold
Image courtesy eBay seller 11thFinals

Comments: Photos by Carla Santiago. From the foreword by Daniel Garcia: "Some of the most clever, modern card thinking I have ever seen." Thirteen effects and seven moves.

Contents (from sampler ToC, available from Vanishing Inc. Magic)

I. Foreword (Daniel Garcia)
II. Rich Who?! (Rich Aviles)

2 III. Moves:
2 Fax Machine: Card animates and changes to another card as it moves through the deck
5 Comic Change: card change as pushed through deck
6 Riffle Revolve: during in the hands riffle shuffle
8 Ballerina Change: A card change with a flourish, and back
11 Replica Control
14 Vanilla Extract: palming
16 Razor Burn Switch

20 IIII. Effects:
20 Pocket Protectors
25 Oops, I Did It Again
30 Middle Man
36 Bystander: Spectator performs the magic, as predicted by the magician
39 Subwich
44 Speedo
48 2 Legit
54 Big Black Arrow
59 Two Wrongs
62. Asher Twitch
70 Troubleshooting: The Forgotten Card
72 Troubleshooting: An Ending For Torn & Restored Card

75 IIIII. Super Awesome Mega Bonus
75 DIY Fire Wallet