Baffel, Will: Easy Conjuring Without Apparatus
©1923 George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 143 pages

Published in the USA by
E.P Dutton & Co., NY
Easy Conjuring
              Without Apparatus
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Baffel: Easy Conjuring Without Apparatus
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Comments: With numerous diagrams in the text


1 A Few Words From the Compiler
4 Experiments With Cards
10 Card Tricks Requiring No Preparation
37 Card Tricks Requiring Simple Apparatus
52 Some Tricks With String
68 Tricks And Amusements With Paper
81 Tricks With Handkerchiefs
86 Some Knotty Problems With Handkerchiefs
90 Match Tricks and Problems
105 Miscellaneous Tricks
126 Some Tricks With Coins