Matt Baker: The Buena Vista Shuffle Club
Baker, Matt: The Buena Vista Shuffle Club
©2019 by Matt Baker
Hardcover, 264 pages
Matt Baker: Buena Vista Shuffle Club
Image courtesy Jake Austin



9 Introduction
14 Prologue
17 Acknowledgments

19 Part 1: Memorized Miracles

19 A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Routines for the Memorized Deck Connoisseur
21 Card College
31 Casablanca

40 Memento: Routines for Both the Memorized and Non-Memorized Deck Connoisseur
40 Location Sensing Device
51 Tilapia

62 Variations, Part I - Buena Vista Shuffle Club
62 Histed Hoisted

72 Secret Arrangements: An Entertaining Effect that Surreptitiously Stacks
72 Elementary, My Dear Vernon

87 Part II: …And Now for Something Completely Different: A Bit of Mentalism

89 Performance Pieces for the Discerning Mindreader
89 Clue
101 Say Anything

116 Variations, Part II - Buena Vista Shuffle Club
116 Foiled by the Origami Test, Saved by the Lemon Law

121 Coin Conundrums: Pieces of Wonder with Pieces of Eight
121 Three Coin Monte
135 Hive Mind
144 Quantum Matrix

157 Part III: Power to the Pasteboards

159 Casino Chicanery: Cheaters Gonna Cheat
159 Banned for Life
176 Subconscious Shuffle Tracking
195 Gilbreath Poker

204 Mental Math Machismo: Manufacturing a Mathematical Spectator Suplex
204 Triple-Fried
217 Pile Driver

227 Variations, Part III - Buena Vista Shuffle Club
227 Avenging Mandelbrot

233 Major Gaffs: Tricked-Out Miracles for the Conniving Conjuror
233 S.O.I.
242 Outlier

251 Quick Reference Guide