Baker, Roy: Baker's Brainwaves
©1981 Roy Baker, Supreme Magic, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 160 pages
Roy Baker: Baker's Brainwaves
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2 Dedication
5 Publisher's Preface (Edwin Hooper)
7 Contents
9 Foreword (Roy Baker)

11 Section One - Card Chicanery
12 Spectator's "Impossible" Divination: a second spectator picks out the selection made by the first spectator
13 Chance-It!: wrong card turns out to have the selection written on it
14 Spot On!: Pips of a card penetrate to the back
16 Bewitched: selection becomes a different card, then transposes with one reversed in the deck
17 Spooky Sunday: story effect with Dizzy Cards
20 - Publisher's Note: description of working of Dizzy Cards
21 Flash Card: paper with card name written on it bursts into flames and turns into the card
22 Betyatis: surprise card revelation with a miniature card

25 Section Two – Roy's Cunning Close-Ups
26 Non-Stop Stopper: stunt of knocking open a bottle with a spring clip stopper
27 Torn-lit Cig: a lit cigarette is torn in half and restored
28 The Match Fountain: a small spring of water shoots from a burnt match
30 Hokey Pokey: packet trick using DIY ice cream cards
32 Condi-Mental: quickie effect where magician knows if the salt shaker or pepper is wrapped in the napkin
33 Sneaky Snake: miniature sword basket with vanishing snake
34 The Missing Link: comedy linking chains
35 Spoonerism: stunt to hang a spoon from your nose
36 A Date to Remember: magician is able to pull out a coin by its date
37 Stamp-It: stamp transfers from one coin to another through the hand
39 A Cheeky Cigarette Move: a vanish
40 Crazy Coin Penetration: using a Boston Box
42 The Reversing Mirror: small pocket mirror is able to reverse image a sign
43 Frozen Flame: gag with a match box
44 Stars at your Fingertips: a betcha where the spectator can't apply sticky stars to the magicians fingertips correctly

47 Section Three – Children's Delight
49 Big Ears and the Princess: a full routine centered on joining three colored silk ribbons
53 The One that Didn't Get Away: a tip at booking a show over the telephone
55 Kids' Kracker Korner: idea for using "crackers" to introduce props for the magic show
58 Santa's Stocking: routine with a table sized chimney, stocking, and appearing Santa puppet
60 Fun's A-Buzzing: comedy routine with Jumbo picture cards
63 Golly Golly: a figure vanishes from the silk to appear as a pop-up from a cylinder
66 Poly-Tulip: color of a Tulip changes under a silk
68 Jack & the Chocolate-Bean Stalk: story trick with newspaper, appearing beans, etc.
70 Santa´s Whiskers
72 The Soldier Who Lost His Head
74 Tan-Tan The Tangerine Man
76 It's a Fair Cop
78 The Go-Cum Car
80 Tizard The Wizard

83 Section Four - Squeeze Pack Sorcery
84 Lota Vase
85 Organ Pipes
85 Thimbles
86 Nonspill Beaker Routine
87 Glass Holdout
88 Cake-Making
89 New Aquarius
90 Milk Vanish
90 Liquid, Silk & Streamers

93 Section Five - Make-Em laugh!
94 Jest For a Giggle
96 All My Own Work
98 Egbert Egghead, The Quiz Kid
100 That's Storking
101 Telephone Caper
103 Drunk Again & Sharpahooter
105 Blindfold Card Discovery
106 Funny Funnel Fun
107 Follow My Colour
109 The Blindfold Paper Tear
111 The Boxers
113 Buttons and Bows

115 Section Six - Magic-Mix
116 20th Century Cracker
118 All Alive-0!
119 Mood Music for Magic
121 Plasti-Mat Opener
122 Supa-Safe Rice Bowls
125 Canned Milk and Finger Ring
127 A Penny for Your Thoughts
129 Thimblicity Change
130 In the Glasshouse
132 Come-Silk
133 Wham!
134 Aerosol Mentalism
135 Nu-Slant Burnt Note
137 Topsy Turvy Tot
139 "Canned" and "Canned Again"
142 How Now, Grant's Cow
144 Not A Chance
147 Visi-Tration
148 It's Quicker by Tube
150 Kapowee
152 Choppa-Bloon
155 Encore Penetration
157 The Porous Die