Bannon, John: Dear Mr. Fantasy
2004 John Bannon
Hardcover w/dj, 197 pages
John Bannon:
              Dear Mr. Fantasy
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Comments: [Andrew Loh] This is an excellent book in card magic. A must read for every card magicians and this is one of the kind of book you will enjoy reading and performing the materials contained within this book. I highly recommended!


xi Foreword

13 Chapter One - Bullet Train
14 Introduction: to the chapter, all impromptu
17 Iconoclastic Aces: classic all-at-once Ace Assembly with a twist
27 Syncopated Aces: an efficient all-at-once Ace Assembly
32 Interrobang Aces: Aces are isolated among three other cards in a packet, then suddenly assemble

43 Chapter Two - Secrets and Mysteries of the Four Aces
44 Introduction: a multi-trick routine
46 Line of Sight - Control (Alain Nu): magician determines card peeked at by spectator
55 Final Verdict: a Four Ace production
62 Cull De Stack: method to achieve a necessary stack
66 Interlude - Two Classics: not explained, but discussion on why they should be included in this routine
66 - On Daley's Aces: with presentation ideas
69 - On Twisting the Aces
71 Beyond Fabulous: version of Henry Christ's Fabulous Four Ace Trick
84 Mark of the Fabulous: handling is virtually identical to above

87 Chapter Three - Dead Reckoning
88 Dead Reckoning: a spelling card trick
100 Out Of Touch: spectator mentally selects a card and then touches the back of one - the very same card
120 Dawn Patrol: a sandwich card effect

127 Chapter Four - Degrees of Freedom
128 Degrees Of Freedom: cards mixed face up and face down end up with face up cards as a Royal Flush
141 - Pre-Set Pure Packet Protocol: a packet version of the above
144 Origami Poker: a leaner, meaner version of Degrees of Freedom
155 Perfect Strangers: a packet version using the same concept
159 The Works: the how and why of the working of the tricks in this section

167 Chapter Five - Impossibilia Bag
168 Wait Until Dark: two out of three card predictions come true, and then a fourth reveals that even the third prediction was correct
175 Last Man Standing: a stand up in-the-hands Triumph
182 Trait Secrets: handling of Jack Carpenter's "A Potent Presage" where spectator's find their card's mates and an Ace matches the packets
186 Dave's Game: a different presentation for the above

189 Lagniappe
189 The Power Of Poker