Bartram, Richard, Jr: Close-Up of the Damned
©1984 Richard Bartram Jr., Pub by Magic Methods
Softcover, stapled, 45 pages
Richard Bartram Jr.: Close Up of the Damned
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KranzoMagic

Comments:  Illustrated by Richard Bartram, Jr.

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Coins Department
2 Four Coin Vanish: with coin purse
4 Phert
5 Purse of the Damned: another coin and purse routine
9 Coins to Purse
11 ContainMint
13 Coin Assembly of the Damned
16 Intermission - "Downs Palm"

18 You Gotta Be Kiddin' Department
18 Popped Top
19 This Ain't Psychokinesis
21 This Ain't Psychokinesis, Either
22 Psychle Chain: 7 Keys to Baldpate theme with a bicycle lock
24 Fun Page
25 Harry Riser
27 McDonald's Aces w/Cheese
30 False Cut of the Damned
32 Color Coordinated Triumph
34 Cardini Snap Change
35 Atlantic City Split
38 Trained Aces
42 F-U Open Travelers
45 Loose Ends, Etc...