Beam, Steve: Hand-Picked Card Tricks
©2001 Steve Beam, Trapdoor Productions
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 52 pages
Beam: Hand Picked Card Tricks
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Comments: Illustrated by Steve Beam


5 Cutting Class (The Trapdoor. Issue #59)
7 The Layover
10 Mortality (Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III)
14 The Ripper
19 One-Handed Gloviczki
21 Two-Timing One-Handed Gloviczki
23 Two-Timing Two-Faced One-Handed Gloviczki
24 Three-Piece Combo
27 Birthday Card Trick (Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III)
28 Party Time
29 X-Change
34 Stebbin Out (Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III)
38 Against All Odds (The Trapdoor, Issue #65)
42 Scrabbled
44 Card Compression (The Trapdoor, Issue #9)
47 Phony Card Trick
49 The Checkout (The Trapdoor, Issue #68)
51 Gratuitous Plugs for Related Products