Behnke, Leo: Entertaining Close Up
1962 Leo Behnke, Owen Magic Supreme
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 14 pages

Leo Behnke: Entertatining Close Up
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Comments: Various tricks for the dinner table or other close-up occasions with sugar, matches and business cards.
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Contents (from book ToC, updated Feb 2022):

i My Two Favorite Quotations

1 My Card
1 Any Comment?
1 My Card - Your Card
2 Follow the Leader
4 Magic Square
5 A Thought

7 That's Sweet
7 Sugar Supply
7 Card Cubes
8 Sweet Smash
8 Spot Everywhere

10 Hot Stuff
10 20 plus 1
11 "Allow Me"
11 Matching Ads

12 Things and Stuff
12 Fortune Stars
13 Long John Silver
14 In the Center
15 Up with the Olio