Bellman, Dan: Cheerful Conjuring
©1938 Dan Bellman, Pub. Eric C. Lewis, Northampton, UK
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 46 pages plus ads
              Cheerful Conjuring
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Comments: Illustrated by Eric C. Lewis. Available as an eBook from State Library Victoria.

Contents (from book, descriptions added Apr 2018):

2 An Introduction (Eric C. Lewis)
3 Foreword (Dan Bellman)

5 Crazy Aces: a four Ace trick
8 Poker: performer gets the winning hand
10 With Twenty Cards: two blue backed cards vanish and are found in a red backed packet
12 Evolution: empty glass to silk to egg to comedy parrot
14 A Love Affair: silk production with rhyming patter
16 Photo Transit: comedy photo frame effect
18 The Pierced Card: paper bag is impaled by a knitting needle which catches the selection
19 The Stabbed Card: another version
19 Bogey Bogey: jumping critter emerges from deck with selected card
21 Extraordinary Transposition: of chosen cards and red & blue backed decks
22 R.A.O.B.: selected alphabet cards match selected word
24 King of Clubs: In trying to locate the King of Clubs, cards change to Jokers; with comedy ending
26 Passed Out: beer vanishes along with a photo
28 Spirit Addition: number of pips on selected cards match a prediction
29 - Suggested Improvement
30 Thought Materialisation: dyeing of silk and production of two glasses of beer
31 Penny In Balloon: English penny vanishes and is found in a balloon
32 The Plaster: chosen card is drawn to the top by a plaster
34 Belling the Cat: a children's story and effect
36 The Ugly Duckling: Using a similar cabinet to the above
36 Constant Coincidence: two spectator's choose matching cards from two decks, with a challenging repeat
38 Publicity Effect: a rising business card
39 X-Ray Eyes: magician names order of part of a shuffled deck in a tin
40 Slate of Hand: a comedy slate effect
43 Six Slate Suggestions: some non-message ideas
43 - The Passage of Time
43 - My Lady's Dress
44 - The Beauty and the Beast
44 - The Indian Rope Trick
45 - The Knave of Hearts
45 - Pip Pip
45 - Concluding Notes
46 Further Note by Eric C. Lewis

47 Advertisers Announcements