David Ben: Tricks
Ben, David: Tricks
©2003 David Ben, Squash Publishing
Hardcover, w/dj, 7.25x10.25", 175 pages
              Ben: Tricks
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Comments: Illustrated by Suleyman Fattah


vii Introduction

3 Part One Miscellaneous Tricks
3 Postage Prediction: remaining postage stamp matches a prediction
6 Just Another Packet Trick: destroyed and restored banknote in sugar packet
11 Bitter Sweet: bitter coffee becomes sweet just by thinking sweet
13 Extension Of Credit: American Express Card is visibly stretched and restored
19 Bad Habits: cigarette through bottle cap
23 Worse Habits: impromptu cup and ball routine with cig papers and a bottle cap
27 Spirit Writing: dead celebrity signature appears on a cigarette paper
30 Ringing In The Gaff: matrix/assembly effect with two busniess cards and suger cubes
33 Wine And Roses: rose suspends in mid-air, supported by an inverted glass and cigarette smoke
35 Out Of The Ordinary: Essay

41 Part Two Card Tricks
41 Remember And Forget: Hofzinser plot
46 Dunbury Drop: three cards are used to find a location, with a seeming miss
49 Window To The Soul: handling of Stewart James 51 Faces North
52 Stop! The Lucky Prediction: lucky charm helps spectator find selection
54 Just Four Variety: poker hand to Royal Flush
56 Turnover Travelers: Jenning's Open Travellers plot
61 Oil And Water: variation
66 Lost Aces For Experts: variation of Merlin's Lost Aces
71 Scarne-Bertram Prediction: selection from mixed deck on a table matches prediction
74 Card On Ceiling: Ben's version
77 Career Management: Essay

83 Part Three Twisted Tricks
83 Devaluation Detailed: half dollar to dime and then vanishes
85 Wonder Coin: coin and card routine
90 Invisible Triumph: variation of Dai Vernon's Triumph
94 Faux Automata
95 Alpha Faux: mind-reading laptop
98 Zip Mindreading: laptop book test
100 Psychic Cellular: cellphone reveales selection
102 Cocktail Wizard: card selection revealed over the phone
103 Listen To Me: essay

109 Part Four - Platform Tricks
109 Restoration Theatre: unburnt envelope contains a fortune instead of the borrowed banknote, but is transformed
113 Matchless Psychometry: magician returns each matchbook to the proper spectator
117 Abstract Thought: Magic Square used to sum age of thought-of person in room
119 Tossed On Stage: The Tossed Out Deck
125 Design Duplication: performer divines pictures drawn and erased on a chalkboard
128 Everybody's Card, III: multiple card transposition routine
133 Parlor Secrets: essay

143 Tricks By The Conjuror
143 Alchemy Revisited: Ring On stick
147 The Conjuror's Dream: miser's dream with handkerchief and coins that vanish at the end
150 Cards To Pocket: variation
161 Tricks
162 Scripts
163 - Alchemy Revisited
167 - The Conjuror's Dream
168 - Cards to Pocket

175 Acknowledgements