David Berglas & Peter Warlock (editor): The David Berglas File No. 1
©1976 Peter Warlock
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 11x8.5, 48 pages
David Berglas File
              No. 1
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Comments: The book has a unique format in that it is mosly clear diagrams showing most of the moves, with small text providing necessary details


3 Foreword (Peter Warlock)
4 A Kaleidoscope of Talent...: short biography of David Berglas
7 Introduction (David Berglas)

11 Flash Magic: thoughts
13 Match Replay: match and flashpaper re-light each other
15 F-L-A-S-H!: creating flashes in the air
17 Flick-Flash: creating a flash over someone's head
19 Pocket Ashtray: getting rid of a lit cigarette
21 Hole-In-One: gag

23 Knot Magic: introduction
24 Knot-Knot: an instant double-knot
25 Neck-Tie: rope penetration through neck
28 Knot Now: instant knot
29 Assorted Knots: to be tied with one hand
31 Tie-Tie: Instant knots in a tie

33 Card Magic: introduction
35 Spot On: a two is shaken and turns into the three (the selection)
37 Palm Spring: selection reverses itself while the deck is sprung
39 Caught Card: A revelation while spreading the cards
41 Jokers Wild: a triple card location
45 Sitting Pretty: spectator ends up sitting on the selection

48 Advertisement: for Berglas File No. 2