Bingham, Euan: MDP
©2005 Euan Bingham
Softcover, spiral-bound, A5
Image courtesy Euan Bingham
Euan Bingham: MDP

Comments: Seven utility card sleights and eleven card tricks.  From

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Rotary Palm: Top palm method which allows you to palm out cards as the deck is turned over
2 Side Palm: A new bottom palm which occurs as the deck is placed into the left hand
3 Mine's a Half: Half pass handling
4 Card Production: A visual card production of 2 face up cards
4 Erdnase Open Palm: A top palm which occurs as the deck is dribbled into the hand
5 Squeeze Lift: Strike double lift negates the need for 'picking' side of the pack with the right hand fingers
6 A Hobbits Tale: Two black Aces vanish, change to Queens, and back again
7 Twisting The Aces Lead-in: Selection turns face up in the centre of the deck between the four Aces
8 Quick Sting: Handling for Jean Hugard's 'Gambler Versus Magician' plot
9 Tom and Jerry: Two signed cards transpose through a magazine
10 Reversed Card to Named Number: Spectator then deals cards down to his number and finds his card reversed at that number
11 Quick One-Two: A very fast and direct two card transposition
12 Pick A Pocket or Two: Magician reaches into pocket where deck is and removes card peeked at by spectator
13 Slap Dash: Card through table plot
14 Return of The Womble: A story card trick
15 Thanks to Kane: Handling for Peter Kane's 'Aces A-risen!'
16 Re-Swat: Collectors routine where four Jacks find three selections in a surprising manner
17 Workshop: a number of new plot ideas to help spark the creation of your own card magic