Bingham, Euan: Quirky Card Magic
©2006? Euan Bingham
Softcover, spiral-bound, A5
Quirky Card Magic
Image courtesy Euan Bingham
Euan Bingham: Quirky Card Magic

Comments: Card magic featuring 13 card tricks and 1 utility card sleight. From

Contents (Numbers are not page numbers):

1 Bluff Aces: A bluff four Ace control
2 Tut Tut: Open looking two card transposition effect
3 Double Trouble: Two phase inversion routine
4 Impromptu Double Trouble: Perform 'Double Trouble' off the cuff, without a setup
5 Cold Calling: Handling of Roy Walton's classic Collectors effect
6 Improbable Reality: Selection turns into four Aces and then back into the selection
7 Inverted Reality: A selection revealed, four Aces produced and a full deck inversion
8 Existential Energy: Three selections change to Queens as they are touched against a face up Queen
9 3x3 Eyes: Three cards are lost in the pack and magically reproduced
10 Beer Mats: Four beer mats vanish one after another until you have only one left, just right for you pint to rest on.
11 Not so Easy Transposition: Four Aces visually transpose with Four Kings
12 Phantom Aces: Commercial Four Aces to wallet
13 Curry Change Variation: Variation of the Curry change
14 Bonus Trick: A quick and excellent trick using the Curry Change Variation