Biro, Pete: Pete Biro Lecture No. 1
©1969, Pete Biro
Softcover, Stapled Manuscript, 8.5x11", 5 pages
Pete Biro Lecture
              No. 1
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Contents (from book, updated Jan 2022):

1 Pete's Peeper (Ken Brooke): thimble
1 P.B. Diminishing Deck
1 Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards
1 Magnetic Magic: ideas and tips
1 Cups & Balls Ideas: management and load ideas
1 Linking Ring Moves: unlink described
2 Inspected by Number 27: gag
2 Rubber Cement - Again: ping pong ball idea
2 Burned Shoelaces: burned and restored
2 Sock Purse: gag idea
2 Pop-Up Balls: presentation idea
2 Flying Ring: poor man's pull described
2 P.B. Super Topit!: idea
3 Funkenring Fun: stage gag
3 Forgetful Card: comedy revelation
3 Slop Poker: slop shuffle card routine
3 Super Glide: card to jacket pocket approach
3 Card Demonstration Display: idea
4 Flying Cards: selections fly out of the card case
4 Rope Bag: comedy card revelation with banana, etc.
4 Professor's Nightmare Set Up: idea
5 Cigarette Appear: quickie
5 Linking With No Key: Linking Rings idea
5 Linking Pins With No Key: idea
5 Card to Pocket: reel idea
5 Silver to Copper: gag
5 False Teeth Find Card
5 Coins Thru Table: use for your Hoo-Coin