Blackman, James R.: The Jerry Lewis Book of Tricks and Magic
©1962 James R. Blackman, Random House, Inc., NY
Hardcover, no dj, 56 pages
The Jerry Lewis Book of Tricks and Magic
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Blackman, James: The Jerry Lewis Book of Tricks and Magic

Comments: With the exception of the Foreword, this book is exactly the same as Blackman's The Big Book of Tricks and Magic.


1 Foreword (Jerry Lewis)
3 The Square Trick
4 The Walking Man
5 The Straw And Bottle Trick
6 The Miracle Match
8 The Weeping Coin
9 The Match And Penny Trick
10 The Balancing Handkerchief
12 The Matchless Matchbox
13 The String And Ice-Cube Trick
14 The Amazing Sugar Cube
16 The Dollar Bill And Bottle Trick
17 The Magician's Assistant
18 The Last Match
20 The Magic Crayon
21 The Alternating Glass Trick
22 The Magic Coin
24 The Glass And Match Trick
25 The Triangle Trick
26 The Matchstick Trick
27 The Mastermind
28 Match Box Trick
30 The Vanishing Coin
32 The Match-Eating Bandana
33 The Singing Fork
34 The Unbroken Line
35 The Hanging Cup
36 Three Glasses
38 Seven Coins—From Here To There
39 The Obedient Coin
40 Two Little Dickie Birds
43 The Rising Water
44 The Mind-Reading Trick
46 Another Bill And Bottle Trick
47 Two Corners For One
48 Five Plus Six Make Nine
49 The Pyramid Trick
50 The String Trick
53 Fire Under Water Trick
54 The Glass And Plate Trick
55 The Magic Purse