Ali Bongo: Bongo Mania 92
Bongo, Ali: Bongo Mania 92
©1992 Ali Bongo
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 8 pages
              Bongo: Bongo Mania 92
Image courtesy eBay seller akwotoh

Comments: Effects are described with clear diagrams and minimal text. If my sources are correct, the contents of this books are quite different than Bongo Mania 92 Tokyo.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Colour Change Rose
2 Flash Letter
3 Stretch-A-Link
4 Four Kings easy
5 Lucky Number
6 Witch Switch
7 The Smiling Queen
8 Chung Ling Hoo Din
9 Pick-A-Pencil
10 Pick-A-Lollipop
11 Bongo's Blooming Bush
12 Bongo Blendo