Booth, John: Wonders of Magic
©1986 John Booth, Ridgeway Press, CA
Hardcover, 284 pages
ISBN 0-943230-03-9
Wonders of Magic
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John Booth: Wonders of Magic

Comments: A veteran magician's book of original tricks, concepts, pictures, memoirs and conjuring history.

Contents (Chapters only):

ix Foreword (Doug Henning)
xi Preface and Acknowledgements

1 Magic as a Cultural Art
11 The Drama of Pretended Miracles
23 What Makes A Conjurer Unforgettable?
36 Style and Diplomacy in Wizardry
45 Pleasures and Perils Performing for Prominent People
56 The Prestigious Field of Celebrity Lecturing
74 Secrets and Methods
92 Divination Tricks and A Block Release
104 Achieving Fame Though Blindfolded
113 Curious Indian Feats and the Magic Album
127 Conjuring of India and the Sorcars
143 Illusion Is Our Profession
155 The Most Heroic-Sized Illusions in Magic History
169 Mysteries, Myths and Symbols in Magic Unravelled
183 The Tricky Question of Magical Honors
194 The Care and Feeding of Collectors
204 Keepers of the Holy Records
220 Capitalizing on History's Greatest Myth
229 The Sources of Invention
246 Golden Age of Magical Grandeur
257 The Merlin Connection
267 Bibliography
274 Index
283 The Author