Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 9: Carnival Magic
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 9: Carnival Magic
©2018 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 140 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1986622158
Greg Bordner Chuck Kleiber Abbott Magic Collection 9
              Carnival Magic
Image courtesy Abbott's Magic

Comments: Derek Kennedy Photographs. A collection of over 35 stunts, plans, magic, and illusions from Abbotts Magic that have been used in Carnivals and Side Shows. Use extreme caution with some of these.

Contents (from book, updated Aug 2022):

2 Disclaimer

3 Bed of Nails (Leonard H. Miller): lying on a bed of nails without harm
4 Blade Box By MUM - Pretzel Girl: assistant in box survives metal blades being thrust through
7 Blockhead Act (Leonard H. Miller): truly pushing a spike into the nose
8 Buried Alive Stunt (Geoffrey Hansen): true stories of how the effect was performed
10 Burned Alive: illusion uses Asbestos to protect the occupant from the heat
17 Crucifixion (Percy Abbott): Chami Kkan's fakir performance described
19 Cyclops: create miniature illusion with lenses
21 - The Girl in a Glass Jar
22 - Various Effects
23 - Minature Magician
23 - Simple Bottle Method
24 - Perfect Store Set-Up
26 Electric Chair - Miss Electra
31 Eye Poking (Eddie Joseph): actually sticking a stick or bean in the eye; not recommended
33 Fire Eating (Leonard H . Miller): making the torches, etc.
35 Fist Drive A Spike Into Wood (Leonard H. Miller)
35 Glass Eating - Chewing (Leonard H. Miller): illusion, glass is not swallowed
36 Girl in Fishbowl: improved version
43 Girl To Gorilla Evolution: visual illusion, Pepper's Ghost
46 Girl to Gorilla Today: improved version w/B&W photos
53 Head On Sword: illusion of a head resting on a sword
56 Headless Woman: detailed
65 Hand In Trap (Abbott Magic): a daring spring trap that doesn't harm
67 Human Pin Cushion (Leonard H. Miller): actual penetration
67 Hot Coal Walking (Leonard H. Miller): tips
68 Hypnotizing A Rabbit (Abbott Magic): placing a rabbit into a trance
69 Knife Through Thumb (William Montgomery): using a TT
70 Living Half Lady: version of the woman without a body
73 Living Head: head on the table
77 Missing Body Illusion: swords penetrate assistant's neck and body
91 Painless Surgery (Abbott’s Magic): subject's arm is visibly cut into three sections, with the middle section removed
94 Palmistry – Your Lucks In Your Hand: basic concepts
98 Razor Blade Trick - Safety First: no danger version
100 Resista - Girl You Can Not Lift (U.F. Grant): body magic
101 Swallowing Needles Routine (Doc Mahendra)
111 Seeing Through A Girl: full size box illusion
117 Shrunken Living Head
125 Spider Girl - Spidora: giant spider with the head of a woman
131 Spikes Through Wrist (Abbott Magic): arms in a stock
134 Sword Swallowing (Leonard H. Miller): for real
137 Totem Pole or Slick Post: escape

140 Published by Abbott Magic