Vynn Boyar: Sleights, Secrets and Suggestions
Boyar, Vynn: Sleights, Secrets and Suggestions
©1953 Vynn Boyar, NY
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 12 pages
              Boyar: Sleights, Secrets and Suggestions
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Comments: Lecture sponsored by The Magician's Guild of America, Inc., given at the Hotel Prince George, NY. Illustrated by line drawings.


1 Introduction
2 Slow Motion Card Vanish: in the hands
3 The Vanishing and Appearing Cane: using two Walsh canes
4 A Novel Billiard Ball Penetration: of hat, using any hat and any ball
5 Vynn Boyar's Ene Deck Rising Cards: gimmicked card can be added to any deck
7 Vynn Boyar's Kant-Slip Thimble Holder: for under the jacket
7 Miniature Chain Lightning: linking paper clips in the hands
9 Vynn Boyar's Cut and Restored Ribbon: ribbon cut in newspaper tube is restored
11 Surprise! A Card Trick: magician changes final card to the selection