Boyd, David: Gags, Stunts, and Props for the Quality Clown
©1984 David J. Boyd
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 30 pages

Also available in comb-bound
David Boyd: Gags, Stunts, Props for the Quality
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Gags Stunts and
              Props for the Quality Clown
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David Boyd: Gags, Stunts and Props for the Quality Clown


Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction

2 Gags
3 The Squirting Glass
4 The Magical Flying Egg
5 The Giant Balloon Race
6 The Runny Nose
7 The Sarcastic Suitcase
8 Snakes and Rattlers
9 Microphone Mania
10 Lie Detecting Flower
11 Belly Buzzing Bafflement
12 The Hilarious Halo
13 The Fleeting Flowers
14 The Leaping Lollipop
15 Thumb-Thing Beautiful
16 An Inch After the Hour
17 The 'Watch It' Watch
18 Fred the Fantastic Flea
19 Bungling Balloons
20 All Gummed Up
21 Jagged Juggling
22 Advanced Jagged Juggling
23 Babbling Bungler
24 Rain From the Sky
25 Ventrickolisp
26 The Stretcher Stunt
27 Tedious Tightrope Walking

28 Stunts
29 The Fall
30 The Trip
31 The Stub
32 The T.K.O.
33 The Unfair Chair
34 Trip to the Table
35 Horse Riding
36 The Hammock
37 The Board
38 The Slapstick

39 Props
40 Natural Props
41 Store Bought Props