Boys' Magazine: Book of Magic & Christmas Conjuring
Boys' Magazine: The Book of Magic & Christmas Conjuring
©1932 (circa)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4x5.7", 28 pages
Boy's Magazine Book of Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller ShimSteel

Comments: This was an insert in Boys' Magazine circa 1932. "Boys' Magazine Wonder Book Series...No. 2; Presented Inside Boys' Magazine". I don't know who published this magazine.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Conjuring Tricks and Catches
6 The Magic Coffee Beans
7 Queer Coin Tricks
11 The Entertainer’s Corner
12 The Live Robot
14 The Oracle of the Ashes
16 Card Magic
17 The Card Clock
19 Thought Reading
21 Handkerchief and Edible Candle
22 Footballers’ Names Competition
24 Chemical Magic
24 Cotton Tricks
25 Popular Parlour Tricks