Brewer, Doug: The Modern Coin Cup
2003 Doug Brewer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 63 pages
Brewer: The
              Modern Coin Cup
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Comments: Multiple line drawings throughout. In the 1980's Al Cohen marketed the Coin Cup, which is sort of a chop cup for coin work. Predecessors included the Jo Pro and Magna Okito Coin Boxes, but these boxes are not as deep. For a while, James Riser/Dennis Loomis marketed a version of this effect as well. While the Al Cohen and Riser cups are no longer commercially available, Ronjo still makes a 3-cup edition of this effect. Doug's book provides some great thinking for this effect that go beyond the normal "chop cup" type routines. Highly recommended.


3 Introduction: about the coin cup
5 Shrinking Fluid (Steve Dusheck, Dennis Loomis, Doug Brewer): a coin shrinks and then the entire cup vanishes
9 A Lesson in Economics: a three phase routine with a purse frame, coin cup, and a coin transformation
18 The Magic Cauldron: a "magic cauldron" is introduced with three small wads of paper and a candle. The papers change in a flash to coins, the coins vanish into the candle flame, and then all three are reproduced.
25 The Magic Hand: an in-the-hands routine with three coins and the cup
32 The Point Vanish (Bob Bolivar): an instant vanish of a coin in the cup with a variation.
35 Silk Extraction: coins in a cup are magically extracted one at a time.
40 Surreal Copper/Silver: three phase Chinese Coin/Half transposition with an in-the-hands ending
47 The Appetizer Trick (Bob Bolivar/Doug Brewer): a variation on Doug's "The After Dinner Trick" from "The Unexpected Visitor"
56 Cup-sembly (Jay Noblezada/Doug Brewer): coins vanish and reappear under the cup
59 Transporter (Bob Bolivar): coins vanish from cup and appear under a playing card
63 Contact Information: now outdated, but mentioned sources for coin cups and Micro Chop Cup (James Riser/Dennis Loomis - no longer available)