Jack Bridwell: B-Witcheries
Bridwell, Jack: B-Witcheries
©1978 Jack Bridwell, Supreme Magic, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 31 pages
Briwell: B-Witcheries
Image courtesy Murphy's Magic Supplies


Contents (from book ToC - a few entries may be wrong as I was working from a low-res image):

2 Foreword
4 Introduction
6 Will O' the Witch
9 Psychic Deck
11 The Spirit of Sherlock Holmes
13 The Sign of the Spectre
16 The Spirit of the Warlock
17 The Ring of Endor
19 Witched
21 Hand-ker-chief
22 Bouquet Box
24 A Clear Case
25 Count-Len-Der
26 Told By the Tea Bag
28 More B-Witching Ideas
29 Spirit Strength
30 Sounds of the Spirits