Bridwell, Jack: Golden Galaxy of Mentalism
©1988 Brian M. Hades, Hades Publications
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 25 pages
ISBN: 0921298021
Golden Galaxy of
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Comments (mad-collector): The book contains eighteen of Jack Bridwells mental mysteries which can be performed on a stage, in a parlor and as after dinner entertainment. Edited and illustrated by magician John Yeager, providing a description of each effect.


5 Foreword
7 Coffee or Tea?
8 The Mysterious Ball of Ping
9 The Mentalist's Vial
9 Mental Chop
10 Mental Relay
11 ESParanormal
13 The Bridwell Easy Book Test
14 My Cup Runneth Over
15 Hot or Cold
16 The Psychic Pad
17 A New Use for an Old Wand
18 Center Mind
19 A Billet Steal
20 The Tumbling Block
21 A Novel Card Force
22 A Jumbo Card Stop
23 Matchable
25 Scotch Spirits