J. Albert Briggs (Merbak): Magical Revelations
Briggs, J. Albert (Merbak): Magical Revelations
©1935 Merbak, Briton Publications, Ltd., Sydney, Australia
Hardcover, no dj, 71 pages

Copyright not in book.
I've also seen mentioned a dates of 1900 and 1941
J. Albert Briggs: Magical Revelations
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Comments: "A Book of Exceptional Magic" Provides brief but usually adequate descriptions.

Contents (from book):

5 An Appreciation (Herbert Holmes)

9 Parlour And Pocket Tricks
9 The Annihilated Glass: vanishing glass
9 The Best Torn and Restored Newspaper
10 The Floating and Vanishing Glass: with handkerchief
10 The Needle Through the Thumb
11 The Card and Crystal: card revealed in a crystal ball
12 Marvellous Divination: magician determines which of three balls handed behind his back
12 The Card and Ribbon: selection is pulled from the deck with a ribbon
13 Swallowing Razor Blades
15 The Pierced Cigarette: in a metal tube
17 Cutting a Capstan in Two: variation of above

17 Stage Tricks
17 The Jewel (Hans Trunk): red block tranfers from one stack to another and back
19 Blowing Silks Through the Dye Tube
20 "Cherchez La Femme": a three card trick for Jumbo cards
21 The "Master" Four-Ace Trick: using a stand
22 A Chop Suey Nightmare: covered plates transpose with a bowl of fruit
24 Babes in the Wood: production box routine
26 The Bathing Belle: doll passes through a glass plate
28 The Alarming Case: watch changes to a clock in a box
29 The Dante Rope Trick: cut and restored using a gimmicked rope
31 The Watch Du Diable: pocket watch appears and vanishes in multiple ways
34 Production of a Giant Clock: on a tray
35 Where Did That One Go?: clock vanishes from one cabinet to eventually be found in another
36 A Comedy With the Egg Bag: a net bag to produce various eggs
38 "Merbak's" Trays and Silks
41 Dante's Ropes and Silks: Grandmother's beads brought up to date
42 The Japanese Mask: Japanese flag and silks routine
44 A New Flower Growing: for stage
45 Resurrection: torn and restored cards - rising from a glass
48 Sympathetic Silks
50 The Five of Diamonds (Harold J. Watson): card vanishes and large duplicate appears in a frame

51 Illusions
51 "Mirax," the Ghost Picture: celebrity appears in picture frame and more
53 The Floating Ball: for stage
57 The Million Dollar Mystery: appearance of assistant in a mystery box
58 The Girl and the Ladder: assistant vanishes at top of ladder
60 Cheating the Hangman: escape from a noose
63 Secrets of the Great Rifle Act: two methods explained
65 Walking from a Shadow: ideas for apparatus where a shadow remains after performer has left
67 The Merry Widow: black art
69 The Show of Hands: possible explanation for an Oscar Teale illusion