Dean Bryden: Fun With Cards
Bryden, Dean: Fun With Cards
© 1927 George Sully & Co., NY
Hardcover, 165 pages
Bryden: Fun With Cards
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Comments: First section is on games of Solitaire, second section is on Card Tricks.

Contents (partial listing only from ToC):

1 Part I Solitaire Games: section details omitted here for brevity

99 Part II Card Tricks
99 Introduction
102 To Name a Card Without Seeing It First - First Method
102 To Name a Card Without Seeing It First - Second Method
103 To Name a Card Without Seeing It First - Third Method
103 Discovering a Card by Thought Transference
104 Discovering a Card by Reading the Eyes
104 The Push Trick
105 To Tell Whether a Chosen Card is Red or Black
105 To Predict Which of Two Heaps Will Be Chosen
106 Odds and Evens
106 Tell-Tale Sevens
107 Oddsand Evens - Second Method
107 To Tell Which Card Has Been Turned
108 To Make Two Cards Which Have Been Separated Come Back to the Top of the Deck
108 The Date Trick
109 Sixes and Sevens
110 To Call Any Card in the Pack
111 Naming Three Cards Chosen By One of Your Audience
112 Willing Your Audience to Pick Out the Cards You Name

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