Burger, Eugene: Secrets and Mysteries for the Close Up Entertainer
©1982 Eugene Burger & Phil Willmarth, Arlington Heights, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 98 pages
Burger: Secrets
              and Mysteries for the Close Up Entertainer
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Comments: Illustrated by Marshall Philyaw, Cover Art by Nick Silva.


5 Dedication
6 Frontispiece
7 Introduction (Phil Willmarth): who is Eugene Burger?

11 Part One: Secrets
13 Drawing the Line: finding your performing repertoire
20 Names: importance of Spectator's name in misdirection
25 Contact: eye contact and touching
28 Not Hearing: as misdirection
29 Energy: in performance
32 Silence: for drama
33 Discipline: practice and rehearse
37 It's Done With Mirrors: a mirror is your library
39 Hecklers: methods of combating

47 Part Two: Mysteries
49 Sponges: with an 18 ball climax!
55 The Burned Card: chosen card becomes marked with a pentagram
61 Glass Production: both hands shown empty; and clean afterwards
65 Finger Tip Holder: utility item
68 Signed Card in Wallet: a presentation strategy for Mullica Wallet, performed stand up and instant reset
74 Signed Bill in Matchbox: borrowed & signed
81 Torn Card: torn and restored, and the corner matches
89 Traveling Card: selection vanishes to be found in a Fire Purse
90 - With a Matchbox
93 Séance: with Glorpy and the OTL principle
97 - The Alternative Set-Up