H.J. Burlingame: How to Read People's Minds
Burlingame, H.J.: How to Read People's Minds
©1904 H.J. Burlingame, Clyde Publishing, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages plus ads

©Max Stein, Chicago, 53 pages plus ads
H.J. Burlingame: How to Read People's Minds
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H.J. Burlingame: How to Read People's Minds
Flip side of Banacek's
Psychophysiological Thought Reading
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Comments: "The Mystery of Mind Reading Revealed. Being a Practical and Scientific Treatise on Modern Mind Reading as Performed by the World's Most Famous Exponents, Including a Simple and Practical Method of Training Dumb Animals to Become Mind Readers." This book was republished as part of Banecek's Psychophysiological Thought Reading book.

Contents (from book, note - the text has no marked divisions, below are general sections derived from the Clyde Pub. edition):

3 Mind-Reading in Chicago
3 - J. Randall Brown: began mind reading professionally
3 - Washington Irving Bishop: Brown's assistant, and Stuart Cumberland
3 Pursuit of Mind Reading as Profession: choosing a subject
4 The Secret: involuntary muscular leading
4 Law of Mutual Dependence
5 Tricks of Mind Reading
5 - Finding of a Concealed Article
5 - Finding a Person Thought Of
5 - The Imaginary Murder
5 - The Love Token
5 - Living Picture
5 - Finding Any Number Thought Of
5 - Drawing
5 - Find Things Placed on a Table
6 - J. Randall Brown Advertisement

6 Manifestations:
6 - Mind Reading
6 - Great Mental Photograph Test: drawing reproduction
7 Chicago Daily News Article:on J. Randal Brown
8 Andrew J. Seymour's Mind And Its owers: first page extract
8 Paul Alexander Johnstone: his feats
9 Dr. Gatchell: exposure of Mr. Alexander's methods
11 The $500 Challenge: Dr. Gatchell proposes $500 to Johnstone if he can pass the test
12 Chicago Evening Tribune: a challenge to the Dr.
13 Sid. Macaire: his feat of finding a hidden key
13 Miss Lucy de Gentry: ability to pick out a flower thought of
13 Dublin Failure: story of a failed exposure in tryingt to find a pin
14 Washington Irving Bishop's Programme
15 W. Irving Bishop's Tricks (Henry Guy Carleton) exposure article from The New York World, Feb 10, 1887
20 Miss Maud Lancaster: her claimed feats
21 Chicago Daily News 1904: article on a failed test of Miss Laud Lancaster
22 Chicago Daily Inter Ocean 1901: another article excerpt about Miss Lancaster
23 Mind Reading: article from 1988 San Francisco Examiner, on Prof. Richard Proctor

24 Explanation Of Muscle Reading
25 - Following the Subject
25 - Blindfolded
26 - Finding Hidden Object
26 - Proving it is Not Mind Reading
27 - Challenges
27 - Selecting Subjects
27 - Apparent Thought Transference: example of number writing and figure duplicatoin
30 Incorrect Recollections: how observers often get it wrong as to what they have seen

33 Mind Reading in Dogs (H.J. Burlingame)
33 Introduction
34 Memory and Sense: attributes of dogs
35 First Steps: fetching and eye training
35 Barking Alternative
35 Word Cues: teaching the dog to respond to specific words
37 Rewards: how to reward the dog for getting it right
37 Leash Method: using a string around the neck for training
38 Distance Training: increasing the distance
39 Math Demonstration: Dog can select number for adding, subtracting, etc.
39 Slate Trick
40 Spelling Tricks
40 Card Tricks
40 Watch Trick: telling the time
41 Playing Cards
41 Swill Bell Ringing: dog plays music
42 Flower Selection: for ladies clubs, the dog picks the right flowers
45 Flags of the Nations: a similar experiment
46 Franch Academy Speaking Dog: report of a dog that could repeat words clearly
46 Bozzie The Second: story of a remarkable dog