Busby, Jeff (Ed): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling
1977 Jeff Busby Magic Inc., 2nd edition.
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9", 67 pages
Larry Jennings on Card & Coin Handling
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Comments: by Nina Jennings, Jeff Busby, Jules Lenier, Charlie Miller. Cards are mostly medium to advanced skill. Chop Cup routine is good.

Contents: (Updated Apr 2017)

ii Frontispiece (Larry Jennings)
vii Preface

1 Section One: Larry Jennings on Coins
1 Twenty Two Cent Trick: Two Dimes placed in spectator's hand transpose with two pennies
7 L.J. Coins through the Table: four coins pass through the table into a glass.
9 Vernon Ball Routine Done with Coins: coins pass from hand to hand.
13 L.J. Four Coins Across: Four coins pass from hand to hand.
14 Coin Cut: A coin is passed up through the table and is found in the deck of cards, above the selection.

21 Section Two: Larry Jennings on Cards
21 Challenge Cards to Pocket: two cards, spectator can choose pocket.
26 Tally Ho Spell: spelling location routine
27 Blank & Blue: 5 blank faced, blue backed cards are shown. A joker appears in the packet, turns face down and face up. Packet is given to the spectator, where a red card is found: the joker!
30 Numerical Aces: 4 ace effect
31 Look-An Illusion: 4 jokers, 1 ace of spades are shown, then 4 aces of spades, one joker, then four kings.
37 Number Transposition: Cards selected by two spectators seem to switch places in the deck.
38 Nowhere and Everywhere Again: Two cards selected by spectators end up matching, then two more match.
39 A Handling of Between Your Palms: L.J.'s handling of Alex Elmsley's routine from Abracadabra #335, June 28th 1952. A signed card ends up between your palms.
41 Where's The Discrepancy? A reversed card effect.
42 Transmutation: Entire deck of cards changes color except for three cards.
47 Larry's Leader: A follow the leader plot
48 Impossible Countdown: A counting location.
50 Recount: A variation on the above
51 Add-On Move Aces: Slow Motion Aces Plot

57 Section 3: Larry Jennings on the Chop Cup
57 A thorough explanation of L.J.'s famous routine. Uses two loads, handkerchief, and a shot glass, in addition to the standard chop cup set.